Online Panel Market Research Services

Online Panel Market Research Services

Leading top Panel Market Research Company and market research vendors of best Panel Market Research services. Philomath Research has strived to deliver quality and balanced responses of panel members in order to save the long serving clients money, and money. The quality of the online B2B Panel and B2C Panel will ensure that the quality of business of our clients is improved and the Return on Investment rate gets higher.

The respondents in our panel are created by a wide range of consumers, B2B, doctor or Health Care Professionals, Caregivers and patient and they are sourced from a wide range of sources to ensure quality of data. We have geo tagging technology on the IP address of all the respondents. So, there is no worry of misappropriation or chance of defrauding the data. The panelists are profiled with over 500 profile questions so that we can get detailed targeting information for our clients’ surveys.

We believe that we should deliver quality data to our clients as data quality matter when our clients are taking strategically important decisions for their businesses. That is why we give importance in quality assurance and control of the samples. Here are some important things that we follow for maintaining quality of our data sample.

To maintain the quality of the panel, we use online Geo tagging based on the IP address of the respondent. Participants with fraudulent IP addresses are expelled from the panel. All our panel members are double opt-in members. We also have a provision for trap questions and logic checks during the course of the survey in order to check the concentration of the panel members.

We have conducted healthcare studies all over the world with many respondents. The panel topics include ADHD, Breast Cancer, Hypertension, COPD, Anxiety, TRD and many more. We have a large panel membership across the globe and would be happy to share the details of our panel on request. Our panel not only includes doctors and other healthcare professionals but also has patient as well as hospital admin staff in decision making capacities.

We have achieved success in conducting panel surveys in different corners of the world and have received recommendations from our B2B and B2C clients.
As an organization, we are compliant with data protection norms of the countries where we have our panel including GDPR. We are very sensitive to the privacy issues of our panel members and do not share their data without their express consent. Our panel is only used for market research and we do not conduct any marketing activities through our panel. We have achieved success in conducting panel surveys in different corners of the world and have received recommendations from our B2B, B2C and Healthcare clients.