Qualitative Market Research Services

The Best Qualitative Market Research Services By Philomath Research

Leading best Qualitative Market Research Company and market research vendors of best Qualitative Market Research services. One of the most important steps to gauge the mind of the consumers before launching any product is thorough market research. At Philomath Research our teams are experienced in traditional surveys; both qualitative and quantitative. From Business to Business Surveys to Business toCustomer Surveys, as well as Healthcare Surveys we cover all. Here are some information about some qualitative research methods that we use:

Qualitative Services:

There are a number of qualitative methodologies used by our organization in order to measure the mood of the consumers. Here are some of the methods used by us:

1. Mystery Shopping: Main objective of conducting a Mystery Shopping exercise is to evaluate the quality of service that has been provided to the customer or to provide information about various operational aspects, so that the services offered to the customer can be improved. At Philomath, it is ensured to use the most objective and unbiased way of find out the true feedback by enacting as a consumer. Based on the reports, we analyze the various operational aspects and provide suggestions for delivering better consumer experiences.

2. FGD: This is one of the most useful market survey methods. We arrange FGDs or Focus Group Discussions according to the convenience of both the consumers and the corporate. This will help gain insights and ways to improve a service/product.

3. Diary Studies: It is a very simple yet useful market research methodology . Diary Studies let panelists express their opinions over a period of time, in an open-ended format that is as easy as tapping their smartphone screen after a push notification. With Diary Studies, not only can you track those changes, but you can also find out exactly what caused them and how they evolved.

4. Ethnographic Research: This technique comprises of studies about the backgrounds of a consumer, including the cultural traits, the daily routine and other social factors. This will help you select your target groups.

5. Used Test: In this part, our marketing survey panel takes the views of a product which is used by customers exclusively before launch. The in depth analysis of the experience of the product helps us to gauge the mood of the target users.

6. Shop Along: Shop Along is an interactive exercise where we get the reactions of a buyer. It is a form of online survey where the reactions are analyzed by the research professionals.

7. Boards/Communities: This is a technological market survey technique where a board or a community is created on a social media platform or through a proprietary application, solely for discussion and promotion of the product in focus. The community is made to receive contents like blog articles, posts, videos and other creations from a diverse range of respondents.

8. In Depth Interviews are a great way of understanding consumer mindsets and preferences. Since our inception we have conducted several such interviews either face to face over the phone with a wide variety of respondents. Our teams have experience in recruitment, moderation and report writing for a wide variety of research studies which include B2C, B2B and Healthcare research.