Quantitative Market Research Services

Best Quantitative Market Research Services by Philomath Research

Leading top Quantitative Market Research Company and market research vendors of best Quantitative Market Research services. Quantitative research method for market research is a very useful tool, which gives brands an idea about the mood of the customers and the current status of the market in a manner which can be measured. Our market research analysts use the best quality resources to collect data which matters the most as per our clients requirements. Quantitative Research comprises of the following methodologies and techniques

1. Pencil and Paper Interviews: This is a face to face interview where the market research analysts ask survey questions to the respondents in real time and record their answers . Our team is very experienced in conducting the interviews and is trained with well-defined protocols which results in the gathering of information you need.

Best Quantitative Market Research Services

2. Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing: In this part, our researchers go to interview the respondents directly with an electronic device like a tab to record the information on an electronic storage. This results in fast and error-free collection of data from the respondents and an easy data transfer technique where we directly send the information through servers.

3. Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing: This is the most economic and the fastest way to gather information from the respondents.. In CATI studies, our teams call up the prospective respondents and have them answer a series of questions in the form of a survey. For this methodology we can either get the survey programmed or collect the answers in a word or excel documents, based on the client requirement.

4. Online Surveys: This is one of the most useful interviewing methods during this recent pandemic time. Online Surveys are programmed and then sent out our online panel and respondents access these surveys online to share their thoughts and opinions.

5. CLT: Central Location Test or CLT we narrow down to a central location which will be comfortable for the respondent to come and undertake the interview. For this purpose, respondents are asked to take part in predefined tests and tasks. Philomath offers all the data collection approaches in CLT depending on client requirements, via PAPI or through hand held devices like Tablet computers or Laptop. Trained market research analysts conduct interviews at customized venues based on the requirement of the study.

6. Car Clinics: In order to make your potential consumers know about the services provided by your newly manufactured car (if you are from automobile brands), we conduct different types of car clinics. These include the newly updated 3D virtual car clinics as well. This is an international marketing research technique which is practiced by very few market survey organizations today.

7. Eye Tracking: This is one of the most technical and difficult type of marketing survey techniques which you can use in case you need to know the product engagement by your potential consumers. We can provide you both mobile and static eye tracking techniques, through which you will get to know which is the best part of your product that draws your customer’s attention.

8. Sensory Research: This is an advanced market research technique where we engage our best sensory panel who has a brilliant sensory ability. We provide this service to various FMCG brands including soft drinks, baby products, snacks, air fresheners etc. and provide you with the approach of your marketing campaign based on the sensory experience. The drives or the choice are judged by a number of quantitative and quantitative market survey methods.